Thursday, 11 November 2010

All I want for Christmas!!!!!!

Isn't it strange that as soon as someone asks us what we would like for Christmas our minds go blank...

Well we have just the answer here at IDB, we have our 'hand steamer' on at a special Christmas price of £35.00! 

It is just perfect for the Christmas period, not only for mens tailored shirts, jackets, mens bespoke suits etc., but for all us ladies special party wear. Silk, sequins, you name it a steamer brings them up like new, saving on dry cleaning, extending their life and helping any creases to drop right out!

Our steamer, is well designed and compact, portable and easy to pack. Simply fill with fresh tap water, plug in and switch on....steam in around 2 minutes.

We will even gift wrap for a further £3. You can't say fairer then that!

Give Liz and I a ring now 01753 892655  to reserve yours while stock last!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Invest in a humble steamer to keep your suit looking at it's best!

As Christmas 2010 is nearly upon us, we are thinking about wrapping presents, and helping all our clients look their best!

While we are on the subject of packing, we must have told many of you about the humble steamer which is a must buy when you invest in good quality clothes. A quick spritz and all creases fall out of your suit, shirt even socks…and as wool suits should only be dry cleaned 2/4 times a year (it dries out the oil in the wool) it will save you a lot of money as well as keep you looking immaculate. Steam can not harm your clothes so it is equally as brilliant on ladies delicate tops, evening wear etc. We sell this model for £40 it is the Rolls Royce of hand steamers!

They make the perfect gift, call us now to reserve yours on 01753 892655!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tweedy Autumn - Get yourself fitted for a gorgeous tweed jacket

Liz and I love the colours this time of year and no cloth reflects this better then tweeds.

A beautifully fitted tweed jacket works really well with dark denims, plain casual trousers or cords. Paired with a soft polo neck or country shirt and tank, or even dress it up with one of our beautifully cut shirts. (see our shirt blog or website, a double button collar band would look great) 

Tweeds represents a great investment they are smart, warm and hard wearing and there is endless occasions to wear them.

Our clients rave over them, personalise yours with an embroidered button hole in the same colour thread as the lining, maybe use bone colour buttons, or just let the cloth and cut speak for itself!

Pop in to see Liz and I and we will show you the many beautiful colours and checks we have .

Unwind in one of our fitting rooms in Buckinghamshire while we take your measurements and discuss your style requirements.

Is yours big and bulgy

Put your wallet on a diet!

Us girls have a handbag for all our bit and bobs, but you guys only have a wallet, and they can often ruin the look of a suit.

It is therefore, important to relieve it of receipts and cards you only use on occasion and empty out spare change each evening and place in piggy bank.

Most look like they have seen better days, why not put a new brown leather one on your Christmas list together with an ID Bespoke gift voucher or bespoke shirt.

Tell you what.......Order a new suit within the next month from us and receive a free silver money clip.......sounds like a good idea to us.

Claim your stylish silver money clip before the end of October!

We love what we do and take pride in making you all look devilishly handsome!

Robert the Magician dons his ID Bespoke 3 piece suit

A big thank you to one of our favourite clients Robert Bone, Magician and Demonstrator of extra sensory curiosities.

Robert has forwarded us the gallery from his website in which he is modeling his ID Bespoke suit, shirt and tie designed by Robert, Liz and I.


This is no illusion Robert really does look this great!

If you fancy Liz and I working our magic on you...don't hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Daniels eat your heart out!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wedding Fever!

One of the great joys of mine and Liz job is dressing bridegrooms!

We seem to have seen a record number this year, with many couples now travelling abroad to tie the knot in a famous city of splendour or exotic beach!

The pleasure of helping them make the right choice of cloth (according to climate) lining (maybe to match bridesmaid colours) the best style, and usually making two shirts to compliment, one for the ceremony and one less formal for the evening fun, is doubled when the groom tries on his new outfit for us on delivery.

An elegant groom is a handsome groom - you could say here at ID Bespoke we specialise in Bridegrooms, Best men, and Father of the Brides!

Including tips on how to pack and the best way to refresh your suit, best shoes, best underwear, and with our last groom even socks!

The one stop Bridegroom shop....we love it!  

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shirts, shirts beautiful shirts.................

Here we are in May looking forward to a warm summer (fingers crossed)!

Liz and I have been up to our neck in shirts if you pardon the pun, and this is why........

Every man looks fantastic in a bright white shirt, crisp, clean and sharp. 'David Cameron' has been one of the best recent example!

If you prefer a softer silkier shirt then 'sea island' cotton is the one for you this summer or maybe a classic poplin or our new range of satin cotton, fabulous to look at and fabulous to wear. With 2 or 3 new ones in your wardrobe you will never be short for work or play this summer.

Colour also has it part to play, plain pale pink/pale blue/lemon or even one of our new soft florals look great under blazers or cool wool summer suits.

When it's warm and jackets are discarded pale or fresh stripes can work wonders too.

So take a few moments to review your shirt wardrobe both for work and socially, never do your shirts come under such scrutiny as they do in the summer season.

Liz and I will help you design them to fit, to be worn with a tie or without, keep you cool and elegant looking. May be even a monogram  is in order...................  Ascot, Lords, Wimbledon, Henley here we come.

Anyone for Pimms!         

Monday, 19 April 2010

Brendan his thoughts and update on the Cinema Audio Awards

"Since discovering IDB or 'the Ladies' as they are affectionately referred to by my wife and I, I have found the high street second best in many aspects of shopping for clothes. 

 I had a stunning suit made for my wedding day! The basic ideas we had for colour and style were further honed by Sue and Liz to meet our exact needs. I have had numerous shirts from IDB a number of which were chosen by Sue and Liz themselves based on their experience of my style wants, personality and job requirements, and all costing less than a designer high street brand. 

 It's always very comforting to know that when I buy form IDB the advice is based on principals of style not 'here today gone tomorrow' fashion tips."

Cheers Brendan!

A great photo of Gemma and Brendan at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA at the Cinema Audio Awards for Outstanding Acheivement in Sound Mixing.

Brendan looking resplendant in his IDB midnight blue dinner suit and hand made dress shirt. You may not have come home with a gong this time Brendan but your a winner to us, well done on a truly outstanding acheivement!........

                                      Sue and Liz

Casino Royale eat your heart out

The lovely Jeff in response to our last blog sent us this email and pic:-

6'9" of Gorgeousness - a phrase that I have not heard since the days of wandering into Nightclubs after Saturdays on the field.  How times flies by.  Must say the Jeff Moore specials are wonderful - for a bloke who wears clothes hard, they are extremely durable and look good, either repairing the outboard in Cornwall or at dinner in Le Manoir.

ID shirts are the only shirts I own buy 11 today - I have!!!

PS The jackets are simply superb be it tweeds or blazers.

PPS Thinking about it the dinner jackets are very exceptional too - but so are the suits.

The very sartorially elegant Mr. Moore

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Busy getting Ready for the Sale this Weekend

Well Easter has come and gone and boy have we been busy getting ready for the Sample Sale this weekend and next (10/11  and  17/18 April). As well as organising our amazing special offers on blazers and summer suits.

It is so easy to get summer dressing and grooming wrong! Liz and I are totally agreed (along with most women of taste) that three quarter length trousers, T shirts with slogans, any T shirts unless you are sporting a six pack, too short shorts, too baggy shorts, most short sleeved shirts (with one or two exceptions) are a total and complete no no in the style book.

Shirts should always be of fine cotton long sleeved and rolled up or folded back, trousers such as tropical wool, linen, cotton, chinos and linen jeans (always in dark denim) would be great..........Mens legs should only be seen in the garden and on holiday!

A great summer look is the indispensable blazer, with either a polo shirt, fine wool/linen/silk crew neck, a beautifully cut fine cotton shirt, which can be made with a collar which is not designed for a tie therefore sitting just right within the jacket. We have some fab florals which are bang on trend at the moment, as well as some beautiful linens, plain or striped!,

 Have you thought of a collar less shirts for that high summer look! We are thinking of calling them the Jeff Moore Specials as our good friend and another fav client 'Jeff'  6ft 9" of gorgeousness has ordered so many and loves them, god bless him!

 We have also made some beautiful tailored shorts, for the lovely Keith, worn on the right occassion or on your boat, they look sharp especially with a pair of trendy deck shoes.

In conclusion we have summer sewn up in IDB World.................Liz and I look forward to seeing you over the next 2 weekends........Just give us a call. and join us for coffee...............may be you will come away with a bargain.

PS If you missed our recent Newsletters and would like to have the them emailed to you, just send us you e address...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just back from Rio!

Just back from sunny beautiful Brazil...

The Brazillians are so stylish, despite the 38 degree heat, business man wear beautifully cut suits, shirts and ties, none of this dress down friday stuff and fortunately no American influence where any thing big comfortable and totally inappropriate will do (I do generalize of course!).

The women are just as stylish not too showy, knee length skirts with impeccable cut, by day.  But by night, it is quite a different matter!!

I also would have been lost without my steamer...a travel must have, fill with water switch on and of you go ...it's brilliant, perfect for my husbands dinner suit, after a 11 hour flight even the best cloth needs a quick spritz of steam, it also works on shirts and all the lovely fine fabrics like silk etc that us ladies like to wear...I can't recommend them enough!

So if your ever going Rio way give me a shout and I will advise you on your wardrobe and teach you some samba moves!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Liz and I were having a coffee this morning!

Liz and I were having coffee this morning remembering some of the most memorable suits/outfits we had made!

The one that came to mind was infact a 'one off' jacket we had made for Russell Clements one of our CEO clients. Russ was attending a function and wanted a 'Brian Ferry -esque' jacket. The iconic black sequin one.  

Well, as this was more rock star then bespoke tailoring we contacted our friend Kervin of Spitalfield Market who made Russ this fabulous jacket!

Russ was delighted and we thought it looked wicked!!!! Russ is completely addicted to ID Bespoke suits, jackets, and shirts and has brought many from us and we have often had them delivered to whatever part of the world he may be in. Liz and I were happy to go the extra mile for him and I think you can see by Russells face he was delighted too!

Russ and Kervin

Coffee break over, as Liz and I must prepare for our 'Sample' sale. More news soon. .

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Good Luck Brendan!

One of our favourite clients Brendan Nicholson has been nominated for the Cinema Audio Award (CAS) for outstanding acievement in sound mixing for the HBO drama 'Into the Storm' to be held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel LA.

With absolute pleasure we have just made Brendan a gorgeous dark navy dinner suit and beautiful dress shirt, we even sourced the right tie (he just might win the award for best dressed man!)........we made Brendans wedding suit too which he loved and was a great success, so lets hope for the same success in LA!

Well done, good luck and our best wishes go with you....fly the flag for ID Bespoke in LA and bring back a pic!   Sue and Liz x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

ID Bespoke Blog Launch!

Hi there,

Welcome to our new blog Liz and Sue Dressing You!
First let us introduce ourselves to those who do not know us

This is me Sue...I love International Rugby and travelling, I enjoy dancing, music, sewing, fashion, time spent with my beloved family, friends and dog, ....Style and Elegance!

This is the lovely Liz she enjoys fine food and wine (she's a great cook) Interior Design, the company of friends and family,a good book and a challenge ...Style and Elegance!

Guess what we have in common!

We will be updating our blog with some of the real life stories of our client's (with their permission of course). Letting you into the secrets of how we turn frogs into Princes. 

Share the laughter (there's lots) with you, and importantly banishing the idea that bespoke tailoring is elitest or too expensive.

Who better then to advise men on sartorial elegance than two women with a great eye for style who enjoy the company of men and making the very best of their appearance.

Fashion is fleeting but style is forever, and we can help you find yours! Stay tuned!