Tuesday, 16 February 2010

ID Bespoke Blog Launch!

Hi there,

Welcome to our new blog Liz and Sue Dressing You!
First let us introduce ourselves to those who do not know us

This is me Sue...I love International Rugby and travelling, I enjoy dancing, music, sewing, fashion, time spent with my beloved family, friends and dog, ....Style and Elegance!

This is the lovely Liz she enjoys fine food and wine (she's a great cook) Interior Design, the company of friends and family,a good book and a challenge ...Style and Elegance!

Guess what we have in common!

We will be updating our blog with some of the real life stories of our client's (with their permission of course). Letting you into the secrets of how we turn frogs into Princes. 

Share the laughter (there's lots) with you, and importantly banishing the idea that bespoke tailoring is elitest or too expensive.

Who better then to advise men on sartorial elegance than two women with a great eye for style who enjoy the company of men and making the very best of their appearance.

Fashion is fleeting but style is forever, and we can help you find yours! Stay tuned!