Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Liz and I were having a coffee this morning!

Liz and I were having coffee this morning remembering some of the most memorable suits/outfits we had made!

The one that came to mind was infact a 'one off' jacket we had made for Russell Clements one of our CEO clients. Russ was attending a function and wanted a 'Brian Ferry -esque' jacket. The iconic black sequin one.  

Well, as this was more rock star then bespoke tailoring we contacted our friend Kervin of Spitalfield Market who made Russ this fabulous jacket!

Russ was delighted and we thought it looked wicked!!!! Russ is completely addicted to ID Bespoke suits, jackets, and shirts and has brought many from us and we have often had them delivered to whatever part of the world he may be in. Liz and I were happy to go the extra mile for him and I think you can see by Russells face he was delighted too!

Russ and Kervin

Coffee break over, as Liz and I must prepare for our 'Sample' sale. More news soon. .