Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just back from Rio!

Just back from sunny beautiful Brazil...

The Brazillians are so stylish, despite the 38 degree heat, business man wear beautifully cut suits, shirts and ties, none of this dress down friday stuff and fortunately no American influence where any thing big comfortable and totally inappropriate will do (I do generalize of course!).

The women are just as stylish not too showy, knee length skirts with impeccable cut, by day.  But by night, it is quite a different matter!!

I also would have been lost without my steamer...a travel must have, fill with water switch on and of you go ...it's brilliant, perfect for my husbands dinner suit, after a 11 hour flight even the best cloth needs a quick spritz of steam, it also works on shirts and all the lovely fine fabrics like silk etc that us ladies like to wear...I can't recommend them enough!

So if your ever going Rio way give me a shout and I will advise you on your wardrobe and teach you some samba moves!!!!!!!!!!!!