Thursday, 8 April 2010

Busy getting Ready for the Sale this Weekend

Well Easter has come and gone and boy have we been busy getting ready for the Sample Sale this weekend and next (10/11  and  17/18 April). As well as organising our amazing special offers on blazers and summer suits.

It is so easy to get summer dressing and grooming wrong! Liz and I are totally agreed (along with most women of taste) that three quarter length trousers, T shirts with slogans, any T shirts unless you are sporting a six pack, too short shorts, too baggy shorts, most short sleeved shirts (with one or two exceptions) are a total and complete no no in the style book.

Shirts should always be of fine cotton long sleeved and rolled up or folded back, trousers such as tropical wool, linen, cotton, chinos and linen jeans (always in dark denim) would be great..........Mens legs should only be seen in the garden and on holiday!

A great summer look is the indispensable blazer, with either a polo shirt, fine wool/linen/silk crew neck, a beautifully cut fine cotton shirt, which can be made with a collar which is not designed for a tie therefore sitting just right within the jacket. We have some fab florals which are bang on trend at the moment, as well as some beautiful linens, plain or striped!,

 Have you thought of a collar less shirts for that high summer look! We are thinking of calling them the Jeff Moore Specials as our good friend and another fav client 'Jeff'  6ft 9" of gorgeousness has ordered so many and loves them, god bless him!

 We have also made some beautiful tailored shorts, for the lovely Keith, worn on the right occassion or on your boat, they look sharp especially with a pair of trendy deck shoes.

In conclusion we have summer sewn up in IDB World.................Liz and I look forward to seeing you over the next 2 weekends........Just give us a call. and join us for coffee...............may be you will come away with a bargain.

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