Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shirts, shirts beautiful shirts.................

Here we are in May looking forward to a warm summer (fingers crossed)!

Liz and I have been up to our neck in shirts if you pardon the pun, and this is why........

Every man looks fantastic in a bright white shirt, crisp, clean and sharp. 'David Cameron' has been one of the best recent example!

If you prefer a softer silkier shirt then 'sea island' cotton is the one for you this summer or maybe a classic poplin or our new range of satin cotton, fabulous to look at and fabulous to wear. With 2 or 3 new ones in your wardrobe you will never be short for work or play this summer.

Colour also has it part to play, plain pale pink/pale blue/lemon or even one of our new soft florals look great under blazers or cool wool summer suits.

When it's warm and jackets are discarded pale or fresh stripes can work wonders too.

So take a few moments to review your shirt wardrobe both for work and socially, never do your shirts come under such scrutiny as they do in the summer season.

Liz and I will help you design them to fit, to be worn with a tie or without, keep you cool and elegant looking. May be even a monogram  is in order...................  Ascot, Lords, Wimbledon, Henley here we come.

Anyone for Pimms!