Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wedding Fever!

One of the great joys of mine and Liz job is dressing bridegrooms!

We seem to have seen a record number this year, with many couples now travelling abroad to tie the knot in a famous city of splendour or exotic beach!

The pleasure of helping them make the right choice of cloth (according to climate) lining (maybe to match bridesmaid colours) the best style, and usually making two shirts to compliment, one for the ceremony and one less formal for the evening fun, is doubled when the groom tries on his new outfit for us on delivery.

An elegant groom is a handsome groom - you could say here at ID Bespoke we specialise in Bridegrooms, Best men, and Father of the Brides!

Including tips on how to pack and the best way to refresh your suit, best shoes, best underwear, and with our last groom even socks!

The one stop Bridegroom shop....we love it!