Thursday, 11 November 2010

All I want for Christmas!!!!!!

Isn't it strange that as soon as someone asks us what we would like for Christmas our minds go blank...

Well we have just the answer here at IDB, we have our 'hand steamer' on at a special Christmas price of £35.00! 

It is just perfect for the Christmas period, not only for mens tailored shirts, jackets, mens bespoke suits etc., but for all us ladies special party wear. Silk, sequins, you name it a steamer brings them up like new, saving on dry cleaning, extending their life and helping any creases to drop right out!

Our steamer, is well designed and compact, portable and easy to pack. Simply fill with fresh tap water, plug in and switch on....steam in around 2 minutes.

We will even gift wrap for a further £3. You can't say fairer then that!

Give Liz and I a ring now 01753 892655  to reserve yours while stock last!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Invest in a humble steamer to keep your suit looking at it's best!

As Christmas 2010 is nearly upon us, we are thinking about wrapping presents, and helping all our clients look their best!

While we are on the subject of packing, we must have told many of you about the humble steamer which is a must buy when you invest in good quality clothes. A quick spritz and all creases fall out of your suit, shirt even socks…and as wool suits should only be dry cleaned 2/4 times a year (it dries out the oil in the wool) it will save you a lot of money as well as keep you looking immaculate. Steam can not harm your clothes so it is equally as brilliant on ladies delicate tops, evening wear etc. We sell this model for £40 it is the Rolls Royce of hand steamers!

They make the perfect gift, call us now to reserve yours on 01753 892655!