Friday, 19 August 2011

Often asked question!

Once again in the fitting room last Saturday we were asked 'should I wear a two or three button suit?' So lets put keyboard to screen and clear this up to all you blog readers!

It depends on 3 things: body type, lifestyle and trend factor...

The three button suit is a good option for men who are 6ft and over. The jacket buttons reach higher up on the chest which makes it more comfortable and visually appealing on taller men. However, NEVER do up the bottom button and if you are going to wear a waistcoat with the jacket, this is a must.
Wearing the jacket with narrow trousers it's on trend for the retro 60s look, however when investing in good tailoring it is a good idea to stay classic.
3 Button Suite
The frame lengthening properties of a two button suit makes it an enduring classic ideal for those of us who don't quite hit the 6ft mark and may be carrying an extra pound or two. Either way an impeccably tailored two button suit that lacks any unnecessary extras is timeless... however, even worn in rotation, any suit over 5 years old will need to be replaced to make sure you look current!

Got that? ...Good!

Monday, 15 August 2011

London Restaurant Scene

I was at 'The Ivy' restaurant in town on Friday for a spot of lunch. Apart from being horrified at the price of shepherds pie (£17+) and realising it does look a bit shabby these days (and there wasn't a celebrity to be seen), what really caught my eye was the state of the gentleman's summer attire. I know it's casual dress code but do we have to look like the Americans? I'm sorry but by and large this is the country that style forgot, their mantra being 'as long as it is comfortable'!

To be honest there was an exception of a table of rather 'happy' city types. One was dressed in a beautiful lightweight mid navy suit with an open necked pink fitted shirt, another two with classic blazers and smart open necked shirts....honestly they were a breathe of fresh air and that's saying something for city types!
Stylish classic blazer with an open necked shirt

Gents give us a call. Whatever the dress code, Liz and I will suggest mixing High Street and Bespoke if it is appropriate. Asked nicely we will even do a spot of personal shopping for those timed challenged or clueless, trendy or classic... but oh... do give a care!!!!!!