Monday, 22 October 2012


james bond suit skyfall

In the latest blockbuster Skyfall, Daniel Craig has been dressed by Tom Ford tailoring. Although the 2012 take is perhaps a little too tight and the jackets a little short in the body for the average man, there is no denying Bond looks amazing in it.
No doubt Mr Ford’s grey pinstripe suit and midnight blue dinner suit will sell really well but DON’T FORGET we will do a great job and it will cost a great deal less!

The three button jacket along with turn ups and pocket hankies in the same fabric and colour of the shirt all make an appearance as well as plaid suits in this truly brilliant Bond flick.
Probably the best sartorial lesson we can learn from these films is that, although smartly dressed in a suit, one should always aim to look relaxed in them.  Also worthy of note is that men are never more attractive to us women then when they are wearing a well-fitting, well-made suit!

Style Tips
The white moire braces with goat skin joints worn under Bonds dinner suit are by Albert Thurston
The Barbour jacket is ‘X to Ki to’ Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket