Experiences Shared

ID Bespoke are happy for someone to accompany you to the fitting process as they believe it is important to share the experience of having your bespoke suit tailor made with a loved one or someone whose opinion you value. 

Sue & Liz offer a 10% discount on your next order if you submit an email describing your experience with them.

Below is a selection of  submitted testimonials to portray the top level of service ID Bespoke deliver.

I really appreciate your expert advice...
Thanks for providing me with a top quality suit!

I can honestly say that the suit I bought from you is the best suit I have ever purchased.
I really appreciated your expert advice on styles and colours which took me down a different (and better!) route than I would have taken on my own!

Confidence comes from knowing
you look your best...

I want to thank you again for the dramatic effort you went to get my first tailored suit rushed to me before my budget review In New York. You can certainly tell others how dramatically it impacted my confidence. I am not afraid of presenting to large groups, and wasn’t fearful of presenting to the CEO of Colgate, but I’ve never felt so comfortable in my appearance as I did this week.

I knew my suit fit well but was amazed when colleagues said things like ‘Wow so someone’s making your clothes these days’. My own boss and the CEO of my division said I looked like I was made for New York. My presentation and budget went well because I was prepared, but I looked great because I was also prepared, with IDs help and some fine people in Hong Kong.

Again, confidence comes from knowing you look your best, and this time, for the first time, I didn’t feel like the clothes were wearing me, I felt I was wearing the clothes, the best suit in the room.
The fact that multiple people went out of there way to say; so added to my confidence and both I, and my first tailored suit, delivered.

Impressed with their attention to detail...
I first met Sue and Liz in 2005 and was immediately impressed with their attention to detail and the quality of the product being offered.
They are always willing to spend as much time that is necessary with you in order to ensure that you make the right choice.

It is important to them that you enjoy what you buy.

We felt and looked a million dollars...
It was our first bespoke suit. A complete wedding party, my brother the groom, me the best man, my Dad and our Usher.

The fitting was great fun, the ID team's attention to detail down to ties and pocket hankies was fantastic! But, that still did not prepare us for the suits and shirts when they arrived, they were a 'knock out'.

We felt and looked a million dollars without the price tag.

I cannot recommend ID Bespoke enough!

A charming service...
A charming service available in house during normal office hours with the added convenience of having personal, expert advice on bespoke styles, colours and fabrics to suit every occasion.

Image Dressing has a regular slot in our calendar and many of our employees are now repeat customers having been delighted with their orders.

I would highly recommend Image Dressing’s quality, efficient and convenient
service to you and your company’s employees.

I will be back for more...
I wanted a suit for a top job interview, being very tall and slim I have never been able to find the right fit.I have never looked or felt so good, the suit was perfect for the interview and my demographic!

Thanks so much for all your care and attention. I will be back for more.

I would thoroughly recommend ID Bespoke...

Heading up an advertising and design agency, appearance and presentation have always been important to me.
Meeting Sue and Liz through local connections, and understanding how their business works made me realise how much they could help me, and for much less than I had imagined. Since then I have purchased two beautiful suits from them which make me feel like a million dollars whenever I put one of them on. I had a good idea of what I was looking for and the process was straightforward; from measuring, choosing fabric and style, through to delivery.

Sue and Liz kept me up to date on progress and were on hand on the big day when my suits arrived to make sure all was well. I would thoroughly recommend ID Bespoke - both their range, and quality of service are second to none.

I had some lovely comments
on my outfit...

I recently purchased a bespoke shirt and suit from ID Bespoke and can 'hand on my heart' say, that it is the nicest, smartest and most comfortable combination I have ever owned (by quite a way).

I was looking for a smart outfit for a wedding but I was keen to go with something more stylish than the standard menswear you can pick up on the high street. I met Liz and Sue in their lovely studio where we discussed my likes and dislikes at length over some champagne. The ladies then proceeded to take a number of measurements. Sue suggested a selection of fabrics which went well with my complexion and made me aware of the 'in' colours and styles.

I eventually settled on a pale blue paisley shirt and a navy suit with a glossy sheen. Then to help me stand out even more, the ladies customised elements with my initials, contrast seams and button-holes etc.

At the wedding I had some lovely comments on my outfit but the thing I remember the most was how unbelievably comfortable I felt.

A bespoke suit and shirt combo is something everyone should have in their wardrobe for those special occasions and for those that are a little better off I'd be surprised if they ever bought anything else!

The whole experience was great and I would fully recommend ID Bespoke to anyone.
Thanks Sue & Liz

Ten out of ten...
As a Director of an International Company, I know quality and service when I experience it! Ten out of ten on both counts. I will be coming back on a regular basis.

Well done!