The Suit Fitting

STEP 1 - Consultation: Sue & Liz make sure an appropriate consultation appointment is based on when is most convenient for you. During the consultation the personal tailoring requirements will be carefully assessed to ensure your suit will be the highest quality of fit, finish and comfort. Style, cut, colouring, budget and choice of fabric is discussed over a nice glass of champagne or cup of good quality coffee.

STEP 2 - Specifying: You will have a choice of over 1,000 fabrics and linings in myriad colours from the sober to the sensational and a selection of styles from contemporary to classic.
Sue & Liz will provide expert advice if you require.

STEP 3 - Measurements: One of the most crucial elements of ID Bespoke creating high quality men's bespoke suits is taking in excess of 15 important measurements. Additionally, a set of digital photographs are taken to ensure the highest quality of tailoring is conducted.

STEP 4 - Cutting: Using both measurements and photos our tailor has a complete profile on which to cut the suit exactly to your body's unique size and shape.

STEP 5 - Delivery: Within 4-6 weeks your finished bespoke suit arrives. It is then professionally steamed, at that point we invite you back to try on the finished piece so the team can ensure the perfect fit has been achieved.